If you are new to The Kathedral, we would love to take time to get to know you. You can text the word "WELCOME" to 515-414-7600 so that we can provide you with information and notifications which will allow us to better serve you.
We want to personally welcome you to The Kathedral website. At The Kathedral we seek to do 3 things excellently... 1. Build relationships... We want you to walk into the building and feel like you just came home. We want you to walk into the building and feel wanted, because we do want you to be here. We want you to join our family. We are a relational church, meaning we seek to be a church full of friendships, because we have the ultimate relationship. We want to help you build and grow build your relationship our heavenly Father. 2. Teach the Word... At The Kathedral we believe that the Bible is God breathed (1 Tim 3:16) and that it's truth never fades. We believe that every word God has given us is useful in our present age. For that reason we will always teach the word of God because it has the power to change our lives and help us to grow in our knowledge and relationship with the creator of the world. 3. Worship intimately... Worship is our time to connect with God corporately and intimately, and never want to pass by worship like it is just another weekly "duty." We will never play songs so that band and singers can show off their talents, but we will worship with everything we have. Sometimes we will shout in God's presence and other times we will enjoy his peace. We will never put God in a box or a set lit during worship. We want to worship extravagantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear? We don't have a dress code at The Kathedral. You will see people in suits & ties, some in jeans & t-shirts, dresses and pants. Whatever you feel comfortable in, that is what you can wear. What happens on Wednesday nights? Wednesday nights service is called DFFRNT. It is a night dedicated to the those of age 18 and down. We have DYG service for grades 6th-12th and those who have recently graduated; we have have Kidz church for grades 1st-5th, and we have have Pre-K and nursery for those under 1st grade. How do I become a member? We have membership classes monthly, and you can participate in those classes by e-mailing us (office@TheKathedral.com), signing up in the over flow room. We only ask that you attend at least four services before participating in the membership class so that you can get an accurate feel for who we are and if the Kathedral is a good fit for you.

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